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Buttermilk Biscuits

This post is to show one of my coworkers the buttermilk biscuits I made at Dot’s Diner in Boulder, CO. I was a line cook there for many years during undergrad, after undergrad and a bit in grad school. Dot’s was a largely wonderful place to work, at least in retrospect. I don’t miss hours in front of a hot oven and over a hot stove. Burns galore everyday etc. I do miss the people I worked with. I did learn to make pretty amazing buttermilk biscuits. I’ve made them for office parties, potlucks, Thanksgivings and just because. Each biscuit is about 3500 calories and pure deliciousness. If you find yourself in Boulder go to Dot’s Diner and have one.

This post is also a test to see if I can engage myself again in making some blog posts. The timing has to do with a number of things. My wife is on St. Croix working on a coral reef restoration project with The Nature Conservancy and is delaying getting a blog going about her, life and restoration work. I will post a link once I have said link. The second thing is that while I enjoy Facebook posts, it is near impossible to go back in time and find an old post. At least that’s my experience. I also want to keep posting about the restoration work I do at the Nevada Department of Wildlife. I also want to see how the link to Facebook works. lee_biscuits