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Memorial Day 2011 Eastern Nevada Skiing

Had a great weekend out in Eastern NV.  Set out from Reno with VBelz and headed to Great Basin National Park.  The weather was fairly warm but with a prediction of some moisture to come in over Saturday night and Sunday.  We camped in Baker Creek campground and got up to the Wheeler Peak trailhead on Saturday morning.

View of Wheeler from Mather Overlook

Stopped at the Mather Overlook for the view.  Saturday’s ski ended up with our getting some great corn between Baldy and Wheeler then heading up the ridge toward the summit of Wheeler.

V with Wheeler and Jeff Davis in background

V skinning up toward Wheeler

We stopped climbing at about 12,000feet, just below the clouds and well into the jet stream.  We skied down the north facing ridge on ‘styrofoamy’ snow and back up toward Baldy.  We got back to camp after a short wildflower hike just in time for the rain to begin.  Woke up Sunday to snow and more snow. Cooking bacon in the snow…eating breakfast in the snow.

Just like May 30 in Nevada should be

Got it together and headed back up to Wheeler trailhead.  Got skins on, boots on, packs ready talked to the folks from Utah about their plan, just in time for the NatPark Ranger to drive up and tell us the road was closed and we had to leave.  Barf.  So off to Lehman Caves for V’s first tour.  Pretty cool place if you haven’t been.  I had forgotten about Cave Bacon.  Ymmm.

No caption necessary

So off to Ely we went on Sunday evening.  Checked the Berry Creek SNOTEL site on Monday morning to find about 2 feet of snow in 36 hours.  Hmmm what to do? Oh yeah, go ski. So off to Timber Creek near my old house in Duck Creek Valley.  Snow was deep, heavy and covering everything that had been baked clean three days ago.

Timber Creek in the Schell Creek Range

It was a great road trip and thanks to V for providing excellent commentary, geography lessons extraordinaire and first rate navigation skills.  Lovely way to send off winter.  Unless it continues to snow well into July.



4 thoughts on “Memorial Day 2011 Eastern Nevada Skiing

  1. Lee! You have a blog! Nice trip to E NV, great photos. More flower pictures please???

    Posted by tara | June 2, 2011, 2:07 pm
  2. Lee, you are good for eastern Nevada, and eastern Nevada is good for you. Love the blog. You should see if ENLC could link to it.

    Posted by Mindy | June 2, 2011, 8:16 pm
  3. Leather T. What a fantastic trip – all around good times swirling in an eastern NV eddy – sweet campfire, stars, snow, sun, flowers, early Sammy Hager, skiing, faceplanting, elk stew, caves, scotch – the list goes on and on…and nice to see you rallied to button it all up in a post. Nice!

    Posted by VNasty | June 4, 2011, 4:04 pm

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