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Plant collecting on Peavine

I am trying to get adjunct prof status at UNR sometime this summer.  Not because I have delusions that being an adjunct prof will somehow help me garner vast wealth and allow me to wield great power over young grad students, however nice those things would be; mostly it will help me stay involved with teaching and helping on grad committees for students who are working on ecological restoration degrees.  My boss at NDOW also thinks having more formal ties to UNR is probably a good idea. I agree.  So…I am helping teach a basic plant identification class in fall 2011 and am collecting plants for the students to dissect so as to learn something about the common families in NV and the Great Basin.

What this means to me is that I will put up photos of what I am collecting.  Starting with Death Camus (Zigadenus paniculatus).  Probably best not to eat any part of any plant that has the word Death in its name.  Just a rule I like to live by.  One of my favorite poisonous plant related jokes is (and boy is that ever a large storehouse of humor), What were Socrates’ last words?…I drank what!? Thanks…I’ll be here all week.  It is a lily and flowers in May-June/July in our part of the world.

Death Camus inflorescence

Death Camus whole plant

I found Wavy Leaved Paintbrush (Castilleja applegatei) on a wind swept, dry ridge at about 6800 feet.  Really beautiful.  It flowers pretty much all summer into early fall and can be found between about 5000 feet and ~8500 feet at all aspects. Seems to like dryish soils.

Wavy leaved Paintbrush

And I gotta have a shot of Beckwith’s Violet (Viola beckwithii).  It is one of the really lovely, early spring flowering plants and somehow my yard is full of them.  They seem to flower for months in my yard but only from late March through June(ish).

Beckwith's violet



One thought on “Plant collecting on Peavine

  1. can I collect seed from your Viola? I’ve been wanting that one… I usually look for it in the Huffaker Hills…

    Posted by tara | June 6, 2011, 10:14 pm

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