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The son of collecting plants and field work

Got out to several places over the past week or so.  Met up with my west side minions in the Pine Nut Mountains south and east of Carson City.  On my way to finding the crews I spotted the gopher snake below and thought I should snap a pic or two and urge him/her to get off the road.  I decided to try for the coveted (at least by me) tongue shot.  I needn’t show the 443 blurry mistakes.

Gopher Snake in the Pine Nut Mntns

Mission accomplished…I moved on.  Found a bunch of good plants for the plant identification class and pressed a bzillion or two.  I think both the yellow and lavender monkey flowers are the same species but haven’t gotten around to keying them out.  I am sure that will keep you all on the botanical edge of your seats.

Monkey Flowers (Mimulus spp)

Left the Pine Nuts and headed east out to the Izzenhood Basin and Upper Rock Creek area.  Found the columbine by a spring brook coming out of the Snowstorm Mntns.  Lovely yes?

Columbine (Aqualegia formosa)

Then back to Reno.  On Sunday I headed out to Peavine for some more collecting and actually had some company.  It is almost weird having someone interested enough in the plants to come out and help collect.  But that is exactly what Vanessa B did.  Well sortof.  She had kayaked 60 miles on Saturday and mostly lounged in the sun and napped whilst I collected plants.  In any case, I enjoyed her company.  She did mange to capture me in a moment of deep contemplation.  Or at least that is what I want you to think.

Deep thoughts...

Followed by the proverbial ‘Eureka!’ moment…note the smug smile/smirk.

Apparently I figured something out...

And I will leave with shots of one of my favorites, the Meadow Rue (Thalictrum fendleri).  I like this one a lot and one spring will try to figure out if I can get it to grow in some shady spot in my yard.

Meadow Rue whole plant

Meadow Rue flowers



4 thoughts on “The son of collecting plants and field work

  1. Nice, Lee! I like the Columbine the best, being a native Coloradoan. The snake pic is impressive.

    Posted by tara | June 28, 2011, 7:46 am
  2. Great snake pic! Speaking of feral nerdiness, I think it’s doing what’s called a “defensive tongue flick” which is relatively slow with large “excursion” (difference between highest and lowest point of tongue tip). Maybe one of your tattoos scared it.

    Posted by Alan | July 7, 2011, 4:24 pm
  3. Hey, what’s up with your blog??? Your readers are waiting…

    Posted by tara | August 18, 2011, 3:42 pm

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